Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

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Dehumidifiers and humidifiers in Beckley and Mount Hope, West Virginia, make your family feel more comfortable with the gauge set at an cost-saving mode.

A whole-home humidifier or whole-home dehumidifier operates with your HVAC system, so you won’t have to lug a movable piece of equipment up and down the stairs. Or be concerned about splashing water.

A humidifier helps to alleviate dry air in your living space during the wintry season. As well as breathing concerns and dry skin it can create.

Air that’s appropriately saturated seems cosier. This suggests you can place your thermostat at a lower temperature—and possibly save money on heating costs.

When there’s extreme humidity during the hottest part of the year, a whole-home dehumidifier removes moisture from your living space’s air. This causes your house to seem cooler with a raised thermostat setting, potentially helping you to save more on your utility bills.

Several of our humidity solutions work with any brand or model of HVAC equipment. Contact us at 304-707-0600 before it’s too late and we’ll assist you in choosing the best equipment for your residence.

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Dehumidifier vs. Humidifier—Which Exact One to Pick for Your Home

With multiple kinds of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to pick from, it can be a challenge finding what’s right for your demands. Here’s a method you can use to decide if you need to add or remove humidity from your house’s air.

At What Point Do I Require a Dehumidifier?

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There are a few indicators that you have an abundance of dampness in your home:

  • Rooms come off as being humid or smell stuffy.
  • Paint is appearing to be wet.
  • Mold and mildew spots.
  • Windows have a large amount of moisture.
  • Running your air conditioner more often to cause your home to seem to be more comfortable.

When Do I Desire a Humidifier?

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Dry regions or the cold regions of the country can trigger problems in the house. Extreme dry air can cause:

  • Respiratory issues like a sore throat or irritated nasal passages.
  • Dry skin and chapped lips.
  • Excessive static shock.
  • Damage to wood flooring or furnishings.

Make Your Residence More Cozy with Humidity Control

Whole-home humidity control can cause you to feel more relaxed and more than likely can help decrease your heating and cooling expenses. Reach us at 304-707-0600 or contact us online to find out more about our company.

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